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>> Monday, March 24, 2008

As you may have noticed, we've been a little less frequent in our blog posts the last month or so. We are a lot busier with school and classes, we're less motivated to do anything that requires movement because of the heat, but there is one overwhelming reason that we've neglected our blog duties. Here are a few hints: she weighs five pounds, loves to eat cheese, and hates to get a bath; her name is Dora.

Paul has been wanting a dog for a really long time, and I (admittedly) was the one dragging my feet. Now we've decided that we were both right: I was right that a puppy is a lot of work and requires a lot of middle-of-the-night potty breaks, but Paul was right that having a puppy is a lot of fun and provides a lot of entertainment and comedy for us. Without further ado, some adorable puppy pictures:

This is Dora the second time we met her, when she was 30 days old. We became friends with a lady in Masaya who sells apples and has a lot of dogs, and she told us about a litter of puppies that one of her friends had. We're pretty sure Dora's a mix with a lot of Cocker Spaniel.
This is Dora on the first night that we brought her home, when she was six weeks old. We struggled a lot with a good name for her, but eventually decided on Dora after Dora la Exploradora. Our surprisingly large segment of friends that are six-year-old girls loves to watch Dora the Explorer, and slowly but surely Dora is living true to her name. Dora is pretty spoiled with her toys. She just learned to fetch and is pretty good at entertaining herself by squeaking her own toys.
Dora really doesn't like getting baths, but she's very forgiving; as soon as she's out of the tub, she's always more than willing to run, play, and try to roll in any dirt she can find.
Dora's ears are constantly growing and they always flop around when she runs.She also gets new manchas (spots) all the time. She started with a few on her feet, then some on her nose, and now she's getting some on her back.Gracias a Dios, Dora's doing really well with housebreaking. During the day we just leave the door out to our patio open, and she runs out and does her business when she needs to. In the middle of the day, though, the patio is really hot, so Dora hates having to be outside in the sun.
Overall, Dora's a pretty happy, tranquila puppy. Like it or not, expect lots of Dora posts and pictures in the future! We hope everyone had a happy Easter!


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