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>> Thursday, September 27, 2007

Last weekend was the hípica in Masaya and it’s a pretty big deal. Hípica is a horse parade, and it’s pronounced more like eeeepeeeca. Every city has one eventually, and Masaya’s is usually one of the biggest. There were over 1000 horses here from all over the country (Holly says there were fewer, but no one counted so we'll just go with 1000). These aren’t the ordinary caballos that you see every day hauling carts and coaches around the city. No no no, these are special horses—caballos de raza—whose main function in life, as I understand it, is to go to hípicas and be cool.

We had really good seats for the parade—right next to a booze station where the riders could pull up and grab a can of Toña for the road.

An unintended consequence of our front-row seats, however, was that we almost got trampled a few times by runaway horses. The horses seemed pretty overwhelmed by all of the activity. Either that or they’d gotten a few Toñas along the way also. See if you wouldn’t be just a little freaked out:

Guys in trucks provided some music. Sometimes there were two trucks really close playing competing tunes. This was unfortunate. And loud.

Toña float and the semi-famous Toña girls:

There were plenty of horses and guys on horses drinking beer:

Our friend explained what this is, but we didn't really understand. It's a really tall woman and that's about as far as we got.

Even the chavalos got to ride in the parade:

The most entertaining part of the whole parade was this guy, though. He came up to our tent and was showing off his skills with the spinning top (it's like the Nica yo-yo). He did a few tricks and when he couldn't spin it on his toungue (to the dismay of the guys yelling "en la lengua!") he just decided to dance a little bit:

That's about it for the hípica. We liked it so much that we're going to try and to the one in Jinotepe in a few weeks.


jethrot1 12:57 PM, September 30, 2007  

! Hola ! con mucho gusto, soy un amigo de Don Ricardo M., { el Padre de Holly } de la Hospital de San Juan en Springfield, Mo. A mi me gusta su Blog muchisimo. Mi esposa y migo eran voluntarios en America de Central hace muchos anos, pero viajamos con frequencia a America Latina. Buena suerte, Mel Sinderman

Laura 9:43 AM, October 01, 2007  

well, that settles it. my one true aspiration in life is now to become a semi-famous tona girl. i mean, i like horses, and beer, and drinking beer on horses. at least, i think i would like doing the latter, don't know for sure yet. when you see me a la hipica having a blast, i'll let you know for sure. you two be good, don't get trampled before i can hug you again!


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